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Why I Ran For Governor

There was no one else raising important green, progressive issues. Jay Inslee had experience in office, but he ad not used his experience to address such issues. Our goal should be to make Washington a model for other states a green, progressive state.

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Acids added to drinking water leach lead from plumbing, including chlorine, chloramine, and fluoride. Quit adding these to water, and lead levels will drop immediately.

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I am the issues candidate. My opponents avoid Issues. I am specific about goals. My opponents are not. If you share my goals, vote for me or our goals will not be accomplished. My goals and vision are more important than my opponents’ experience at maintaining the status quo.

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Press Release

Read the latest press release

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Job Application of James Robert Deal
for Washington Governorship

As governor I would do much more for Washington than would Jay Inslee. Jay is a nice guy, but that is not good enough. Read more and I will spell out what he has done wrong and failed to do and what I would do differently.

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Election and Campaign Finance Reform

Election reform, campaign finance reform, and public disclosure reform should all be addressed together.

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Campaign Theme Song

Do unto others
As you would have
As you would have them
Do unto you

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Washington Minimum Wage

The minimum wage in 1968 was worth around $13 per hour in today’s money.
It is shameful that the poorest among us have been made poorer. “Do unto others”, said the Teacher.
Capitalism must be made to work for all.

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Inslee - No Solution For Traffic

The only solutions to traffic congestion which Governor Jay Inslee offers is completing Link Light Rail and eliminating choke points, both of which will take decades and cost billions. There is a way to eliminate congestion in six months, and which will save money, a way to make it so convenient and fast to use transit that we will be able to leave our cars at home.

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Inslee - Clueless About Lead And Fluoride

Fluoride used to fluoridate is a commercial grade toxic waste, which we consume from conception to death, two milligrams per day. Fluoride contains lead and leaches lead. After this vice has ended, we will look back in amazement at ourselves for having believed such a fraud. Jay Inslee supports fluoridation unquestioningly.

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Pro-Fluoridation Dentists Are Complete Suckers

There are safer and more effective ways to prevent tooth decay than to use fluoride. But pro-fluoride dentists are close-minded on this topic. Pro-fluoride dentists are complete suckers.

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How to Stop Lead Leaching

Chlorine forms hypochlorous acid, which leaches lead. Fluorosilicic acid forms silicic acid, which leaches lead even more strongly. To minimize lead leaching, stop adding lead-leaching chemicals. Use ozonation instead of chlorination.

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Inslee - Weak on Coal Train Issue

Coal is filthy to mine, filthy to burn, filthy to transport. Coal cars are uncovered, open to the wind. Up to a ton of coal dust – laden with toxic mercury – blows off each open car during the 1,100 mile trip from Wyoming. Mercury dust is poisoning our fisheries. Burlington Northern is guilty of littering and water pollution, and as governor I would sue to stop these trains.

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Inslee - Weak on Oil Train Issue

Jay Inslee is working meekly to make oil trains safe, which is not possible. Oil trains are inherently dangerous. Washington should assert its retained power under the Commerce Clause to stop such dangerous cargo. An oil train fire in a city could be the next Oso 10,000 times over. As as governor I would sue to stop these trains.

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Inslee - Not Organic

The WHO has declared Roundup to be a proven carcinogen in animals and probable carcinogen in humans. France, Bhutan, and Sri Lanka are banning Roundup. We should too. In 2014 we voted on whether to label GMOs. Governor Inslee would not even take a position on the issue. He is not an environmentalist. He is a Monsanto man.

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Ban Smart Meters

Smart meters connect to utilities by cell phone technology. They blast out powerful microwave pulses every five seconds. For some the effect is debilitating, depending on proximity. Smart meters are insecure and open your home to hackers. They raise electric bills. They catch fire.

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Washington State Bank

The North Dakota state bank is highly profitable. A Washington State Bank would reduce the cost of bond borrowing, foment business, provide banking for the marijuana industry, and build a recession reserve. Washington should have its own Washington State Bank.

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Single-Payer Health Care for Washington

In November Colorado will be voting on whether to establish its own state-wide single-payer, Medicare-For-All health care system. Single-payer would lower total costs and cover everyone. If Colorado can do it, Washington can too.

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Attorney Analysis of Vaccination

Some vaccines are safe, effective, and cause no adverse reactions. Others are not. Vaccine technology is in a primitive stage of development. The herd immunity theory is bogus because vaccine protection wears off and the vaccinated are themselves contagious. The right to Informed consent includes the right to say no.

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Inslee - Mandatory Vaccinator

In 2015 pro-vaccine forces tried to pass a mandatory vaccine bill which would have eliminated all religious and philosophical vaccine exemptions, despite the fact that most vaccines are ineffective and some harmful. Governor Jay Inslee supported the bill.

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Covert Action In Plain View

Most do not look up. Our minds are elsewhere. If you look, you will see unnatural white jet trails on some days, filling the sky, turning into a white haze. Maybe the white stuff spewed out and falling down on us is harmless. Maybe it’s not. No hearings have ever been held. We at least deserve answers. I will get answers.

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Quit Poisoning the Salmon

Both fluoride and Roundup repel and kill salmon. Salmon are especially sensitive to fluoride. They must switch from excreting salt while in the ocean to absorbing salt – including fluoride salts – while in fresh water. They absorb fluoride and cannot excrete it. Roundup ties up minerals, which kills certain bacteria in the gut, thus interfering with digestion. It does the same in humans.

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Close Hanford Nuclear Plant

The nuke at Hanford is the same model as the Fukushima reactors which exploded in 2011. It is dirty, dangerous, and expensive. It regularly vents radioactive gasses. It is located downstream from earthen dams which could fail in an earthquake. It could flood and catch on fire. It could be the next Oso, but a million times worse. Close it down.

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Build a Fiber Optic Internet

What does Mount Vernon have that most of the rest of Washington lacks? Internet speeds of one gigabite up and down for only $70 per month. Mount Vernon set up a city utility which delivers fiber optic speeds. I would encourage Washington PUDs to do the same.

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Bail Bond Scandal

If the accused can arrange bail, he gets to go home and back to his job. If he cannot, he stays in jail, does not see his family, and loses his job. The accused should remain in jail if dangerous or a flight risk, or released if not – perhaps wearing an electronic monitor.
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House the Homeless

Housing the homeless is the right thing to do. And it is much less expensive than the alternative: frequent and costly visits to emergency rooms, shelters, drug counseling, and jails. No one should be sleeping in cars, tents, or cardboard boxes. Once they are housed, the homeless are much more likely to improve their lives.

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Paine Field - No Commercial Service

If one airline sets up service at Paine Field, others can too. Paine Field will be SeaTac North. SeaTac has no room for expansion.We need a mega airport, but the best place for it would be McChord. Extend Light Rail nine miles sourth of Tacoma to McChord. Once on Light Rail, you are almost at SeaTac or McChord. Air service at Paine Field is unnecessary.

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Toxic Golf Courses Should Go Green

Golf courses apply hundreds of pounds of toxic pesticides yearly, and much of this flows into creeks and into Puget Sound. Pesticides kill fish. There are green golf courses. We cannot restore salmon runs while we dump fish poison into salmon streams.

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Sewage Sludge Dumped in
King County Forest

King County utility districts are disposing of toxic residue from sewage water treatment plants in eastern King County forests and on cropland in eastern Washington. This is killing the forests and poisoning cropland.

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Trapped in a Maze

So-called fluoridation is a complete fraud. Our governor and our Department of Health have been duped. They have chosen to believe those who have no evidence and to disbelieve those who have evidence. They are trapped in a maze and thus far unable to find the exit.

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Inslee - Bamboozled

Filthy fluorosilicic can add 10 trillion atoms of arsenic per liter of tap water, up to 3 trillion atoms of lead. It leaches even more lead from plumbing. Fraudsters and dupes wearing white coats say fluoridation is safe and effective. Our health department is duped. Our governor in turn is duped, relying on the white coats unquestioningly. He has been bamboozled.

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Videos and Audios

Favorite Videos and Audios

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My book is all about food, how we can grow our own food, how to cook it. It is about how diet relates to health, history, ethics, religion, and climate change.
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Humor, Wit, Irony, and Even Poetry

Life is a tragedy, said a sage, a tragedy to those who feel.
But life is a comedy, he consoled us, to those who choose to think.

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Let's Discuss The TOP ISSUES

Entire Platform

I offer specific goals and solutions. My opponents speak in generalities, as if this were a popularity contest.

Salmon Recovery

Roundup, fluoride, fecal waste from feed lots, and mercury coal dust all are destroying salmon runs.

Ban Oil Trains

Oil trains cannot be made safer. They are inherently dangerous. Washington retains Commerce power to ban them.

Ban Smart Meters

Smart meters blast out microwaves. They are security holes into your home. They explode. They are a scam.

$15 Minimum Wage

Phase in a $15 wage. It will help not hurt small business. Capitalism must be made to work for all.

Traffic Congestion

There is a way to eliminate congestion, at low cost, and do so quickly, greatly reducing CO2 emissions.

Lead In Water

The science is very clear: Fluoride leaches lead from plumbing. And it does little good for teeth.

Ban Coal Trains

Coal dust blows from trains. The dust is laden with mercury, which poisons our fish. They should be banned.

Mercury Vaccines

Our Health Department pushes vaccination of pregnant mothers with mercury flu vaccines!

Gigabyte Internet

Mt. Vernon offers a gig up and a gig down for $70 per month. It’s a business magnet. Let’s do it state-wide.

More Topics And Issues

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Flex-Van Door-to-Door Transit

Door to Door Transit

Mass transit will never develop a big ridership unless we devise a way to get people to and from the mass transit.

Fiber Optic Internet

What does Mount Vernon have that Snohomish County does not? Internet speeds of 1 gigabite up and down for only $70 per month. Mount Vernon has set up a city utility company which delivers fiber optic speeds to businesses and homes. One Gig fiber optic connection is an enormous stimulus to high-tech business.

Organic State

Roundup is now a proven carcinogen to animals and a probable carcinogen to humans. It makes no sense to grow crops non-organically when they can be grown organically. Organic crops are healthier. They sell for a higher price. They do not poison us. Relying on its police and zoning powers, Snohomish County could ban the application of Roundup and other toxic pesticides and zone all commercial farm lands as organic only.

Clean Drinking Water

It is called “fluoride”, but it is a witches brew of toxic waste chemicals. Diluted toxins are still toxins. They accumulate in the body, and we drink them for life. Harm is greatest to the growing fetus and baby.

Paine Field in Everett Washington

Paine Field - No

Link Light rail is going to Paine Field and on to Everett. As soon as you are on Link, you are almost at SeaTac. So commercial air service at Paine Field is unnecessary.

Roundup Kills Fish

Roundup kills fish. Why do we spray it on our crops? Roundup does not break down easily. When it rains, it flows into the watershed and into the Sound, repelling and killing salmon. How can we say we want to rebuild salmon runs when we poison their spawning streams?


There are some save and effective vaccines. Most are not safe and not effective, especially the flu vaccine containing mercury. Vaccination remains in a primitive stage of development. Homeopathic vaccines however are safe, effective, and cause no side effects.


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Fluoride Repels and Kills Salmon

The Fluoride Song

My Water Distiller – Buy One


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