Why I Ran For Lynnwood City Council

Although I lost, many people supported the issues I stand for.
I received 4% of the vote in the 2012 Lieutenant Governor Primary and 15% of  the vote in the 2013 Lynnwood City Council Primary

My Opponents

More About James

The People of Lynnwood Deserve Clean, Safe Water (More Below)

What To Do About Lynnwood’s Money-Losing Golf Course

Spraying of Roundup On City Streets

Location of New Light Rail Station

Getting Commuters To The Transit Station – a Flex Van Ride Sharing Solution

Bicycling is a Form of Mass Transit

One Thing We Can Do for the Poor: Raise the Minimum Wage

What To Do About Red Light And Speed Zone Cameras

Coal Trains

School Food

What Kind of Town Center Should Lynnwood Develop?

Helping Home Based Businesses

Should Lynnwood Have Term Limits?

Plastic Bags – Should We Ban Them?

Blighted, Abandoned Homes – What Can Lynnwood Do? Condemn Them

Should Lynnwood Ban Firecrackers?

Should Lynnwood Have Microwave Smart Meters?


Dental Chemicals Added To Our Water Contain Lead, Arsenic, Cadmium, and Mercury

Dental Chemicals Leach Large Amounts Of Lead From Pipes

EPA Scientists Oppose Adding Dental Chemicals To Water

Pregnant Mothers, Fetuses, And Children Are Harmed Most

The Iowa Study Proved That Dental Chemicals Do Not Reduce Tooth Decay

A Comparison of Fluoridated Irish Republic and Non-Fluoridated Northern Ireland Proves Fluoride is Bad For Health

Portland Voted Against Adding Dental Chemicals To Drinking Water by 61% to 39% Margin

Dental Chemicals Repel Salmon


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Contact information:

4130 166th Place SW, Lynnwood 98037


  1. I read your website about the fluoride class action with re-newed hope that someone like yourself and other high profile people are fighting against the fluoridation of drinking water. The health impact of fluoridation is devastating enough but to learnt that it disproportionately effect the Black and Hispanic community is even more disgusting.

    We are a small group of people in Northern Ireland who are fighting against the possible fluoridation of our water. At the moment our politicians are not listening to us. Could you please give us some idea of what impact fluoridation is having on the Black and Hispanic communities and any insights into how to proceed with our challenge in Northern Ireland.

    Would you or any of your colleagues be willing to write to our Health Minister and explain to him just what impact fluoridation is having from your experience of dealing with those effected by it. I know you are very busy but this would greatly help our campaign over here.

    Perhaps you could explain how you went about bringing this legal action, what obstacles and arguements you faced and how you overcame them please, to see if we could do something similar over here.

    Thanks very much for your time.
    Stephen McMurray

    • From James: The fight against adding toxic waste drugs containing lead, arsenic, and hydrogen fluoride to our drinking water is a world wide fight. It is not a communist conspiracy; it is a chemical company conspiracy – to turn toxic waste which would cost a lot of money to dispose of into a dental elixer. See for the full story of how this fraud got started.

    • What makes you think fluoride is bad for you. You and your ancestors have been ingesting it in varying concentrations for millions of years.

  2. I just want to publicly state that I have done extensive research into the voting records and issue stances of Owen/Finkbeiner with less than stellar personal results. I am unhappy with either the lack of information given to us and or where they stand with certain issues of major importance, but I digress. What really has me bothered is the fact that I had to search rather profusely for any literature on you Mr. Deal. 1. You’re not on the ballot. 2. In doing research for possible other candidates for Lieutenant Governor, they don’t really openly tell you! This would leave a lesser mind thinking that they’re the only two possibilities… so choose one! That is not fair in my opinion! I am glad that I took that little extra time to do the research; which eventually led me to your site. You match my stances on the issues and I think it would be a great justice to our state if you get elected. You value the really strong issues like clean drinking water, poor school lunches, our never ending war on drugs; specifically safe plants such as marijuana. I value you as a politician and I am happy to say that you have my vote sir! Thank you for running and good luck to you and your campaign.


    Christopher R. Sears
    28 years of age
    Security Contractor
    Mount Vernon, WA

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