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 VISION OF A BETTER WASHINGTON. If I am elected, I will work to realize the following goals.

AMEND THE WASHINGTON CONSTITUTION. Prohibit any income tax ever on the bottom 90% of earners, and require an income tax on the top 10%. Only the wealthy can afford to pay more.

FULLY FUND EDUCATION. We have a duty to the next generations to give them the quality education we got. We must compensate teachers as true professionals.

PHASE IN A $15 MINIMUM WAGE. Capitalism must be made to work for all.

HOUSE THE HOMELESS. It is the right thing to do and it will cost less than what we are doing now.

ADDICTION. We can and should treat addiction as a medical problem, not as a criminal problem.

ELIMINATE TRAFFIC CONGESTION WITH DOOR-TO-DOOR TRANSIT. Our current mass transit system does not pick us up where we are or take us all the way to where we are going. It is disconnected and difficult to use. So most of us don’t use it. Too many of us drive single occupancy, filling up the roads. ●The only solution, the least expensive solution, and the quickest solution to implement is door-to-door transit, a system of vans summoned by cell phone, using existing UberX technology. A van will carry me from my home in Lynnwood, riding with four or six other passengers, to the Lynnwood transit center. An express bus will take me to the Bellevue Transit Center, and a final van will take me and four or six others to our ultimate destinations. We should then charge a fee to park at our maxed-out transit centers, so those who need to park there can do so. Freeway congestion will be gone. ●Vans will carry us to and from local destinations, shopping, restaurants, work, ferry, church, school, day care, soccer practice, and car rental. ●Vans will be popular at night, because they will be safe and secure. Each 6 passenger van will take five cars off the road. ●Many buses run mostly empty, especially at night, wasting our tax money. Vans will take over on under-used bus routes. ●The vans will fill up. The trains and buses will fill up. The system will generate more revenue. This will free up money to complete Link Light Rail. We will have fast trains and fast buses with fast vans interconnecting them on uncongested roads, delivering door-to-door service statewide. ●It will no longer be necessary to own a car to get around. You will save around $700 per month for each car you sell. ●The only suggestion which Governor Inslee offers is to “eliminate choke points”.

COMPLETE LINK LIGHT RAIL IN SIX YEARS, FIX BRIDGES. Enact a gasoline tax to complete Link Light Rail within six years. Fix roads and bridges. ●I oppose increasing the exceedingly unpopular car tab tax.

BAN MERCURY VACCINES. The package insert disclosure for mercury flu vaccines says they have not been tested for safety in pregnant women. Yet the Department of Health pushes mercury flu vaccines for pregnant women. Unfortunately, Governor Inslee supports this medical quackery. Yes, there are safe and effective vaccines, but our Health Department recommends some which are unsafe and ineffective. Kids who are vaccinated contract a vaccine version of measles. They are then contagious and spread disease just as freely as unvaccinated kids who catch the wild version of measles. So the “herd immunity” theory is false. Vaccine makers are completely exempt from liability and have turned what should be a selective and cautious practice into a reckless mass production industry. Vaccines should not be made mandatory. Unfortunately, Governor Inslee supports mandatory vaccination with every vaccine on the ever expanding CDC list. If I am elected I will fire the head doctor of the Health Department for malpractice.

ESTABLISH A WASHINGTON STATE BANK like the highly profitable state bank of North Dakota. It will stimulate investment, promote agriculture, reduce the cost of municipal and state borrowing, refinance student loans long term, create a state retirement program for all, and prepare for the next recession.

REDEFINE CORPORATE PERSONHOOD. Corporations do not have the same rights as humans.

BUILD GIGABYTE INTERNET THROUGHOUT THE STATE. Mount Vernon did it. One gigabyte up and one down for $70 per month! Comcast overcharges for bad service. Comcast money defeated Mayor McGuinn.

SMART METERS, SCHOOL WIFI. With cell phones, cell towers, Wi-Fi routers, and microwave ovens we already get big doses of microwave radiation. Smart meters are connected to utilities by cell phone technology and blast out a whopping dose of microwave pulses every ten seconds. Smart meters are debilitating for some. Excessive microwaves cause harm for all, depending on duration and proximity. Smart meters are insecure and give hackers a back door to hack into our homes and businesses. Smart meters raise utility bills. They catch fire. Seattle City Council has been suckered into going ahead with smart meters. One pulse per month would be enough to calculate billing, but smart meters report every ten seconds on which electrical gadgets we are using. Utility companies then sell data on our activities. Children are most sensitive to microwave radiation. School Wi-Fi should be replaced with cable connections.

FLUORIDE LEACHES LEAD. Fluoridated water drains into streams and rivers kills salmon. The fluoride added to our water is toxic waste filth from fertilizer production. It has never been approved as safe and effective by any federal or state agency. It is a cocktail of lead, arsenic, cadmium, mercury, and thallium. It leaches lead from plumbing. It harms the growing fetus and children. It lowers IQ. It corrodes water plant plumbing. It is a waste of money. There are better ways to prevent tooth decay. Fluoridation is a chemical company scam to sell toxic waste at a profit. It is medical quackery. Those who support it are naively unaware that our agencies have been take over by the corrupt industries they regulate. Unfortunately, Governor Inslee supports fluoridation unquestioningly.

BAN OIL TRAINS. Governor Inslee believes oil trains can be made safe. Oil trains cannot be made safe unless explosive naphtha is removed before shipment. The states retain power under the Commerce Clause to ban unavoidably dangerous cargo. An oil train fire in a city would be the next Oso times 10,000.

BAN COAL TRAINS. Coal cars are open to the wind. A ton of coal dust blows from each car during transportation. Coal dust is laden with mercury, which poisons our fisheries. Unless loads are covered and cars are sealed, coal trains can and should be banned for violating littering and water pollution laws.

BAN ROUNDUP. The World Health Organization has declared that Roundup is a carcinogen. It flows into rivers and streams. It kills salmon and it sickens us. Other countries are banning Roundup. We will too.

FECAL WASTE. Animal operations must stop discharging fecal waste into streams and rivers.

RESTORE SALMON RUNS. We can never restore our salmon runs unless we quit dumping pesticides, fluoride, mercury coal dust, and fecal waste into streams and rivers.

ORGANIC STATE. We should require GMO labeling. Washington should be an organic producing state. Our organic products will sell worldwide for top dollar. Farmers will prosper. Farm workers will no longer be poisoned. When we voted in 2014 to label GMOs, Governor Inslee took no position. He is not green.

CLOSE NUCLEAR PLANT AT HANFORD – PREVENT THE NEXT OSO. The Columbia Generation Station is substantially the same GE model as the Fukushima reactors which exploded in 2011. It is dirty, dangerous, and expensive. It releases radioactive gasses and radioactive tritium water daily. It is located downstream from earthen dams which could fail in an earthquake. It could flood and catch on fire. It could be the next Oso, times 10 million. As governor I would take action to close it down.

ELECTION REFORM. We should have instant-runoff voting, so voters can vote for the candidate they really support and also for a backup candidate. Total contributions should be limited. The state should publish voter pamphlets several times during the campaign. TVW should be used for debates and round table discussions. The state should pay for newspaper space throughout the state so all candidates can present their platforms, and advertise appearances on TVW. Lobbyists should be banned from offering, arranging, or mentioning contributions. We should lower the voting age to 17 as other countries have done.

LOWER THE VOTING AGE. If I am elected governor, I will work to lower the voting age to 17. Nicaragua, Brazil, Estonia, Isle of Man, Austria, GuernseyJersey, Ecuador, Argentina, and Malta all allow those who are 16 and 17 years old to vote. Takoma Park, Maryland, has lowered the voting age for city elections to 16.

POLICE MISBEHAVIOR. Our police will attend law school classes.

RESPECT, SUPPORT, PROTECT THE LGBTQ COMMUNITY. We all are unique when it comes to sexuality. We heterosexuals just happen to be in the majority. We should not allow discrimination against our friends, co-workers, and neighbors just because they are different in ways which do us no harm at all.

EXPERIENCE VERSUS VISION. We all like my main opponent, Governor Inslee. He has done much good for Washington. He has more elective experience than I do, but what he does with his experience is maintain the status quo. My vision of a better future and my scientific and legal knowledge, are more important than his experience at maintaining the status quo. Governor Inslee is part of the non-progressive Wall Street wing of the Democratic Party, aka the Democratic Leadership Council. I am part of the green, progressive wing of the party, and because I am, if I am the Democratic nominee in November, I will be more likely to win, and Democrats will be more likely to win both House and Senate.

DONATE. Donate $1 up to $500. Each donation is a vote of confidence.


PRINT PLATFORM FLIER HERE. Email and hand out copies of this Platform Flier to one and all.


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  1. stephen mcmurray

    I read your website about the fluoride class action with re-newed hope that someone like yourself and other high profile people are fighting against the fluoridation of drinking water. The health impact of fluoridation is devastating enough but to learnt that it disproportionately effect the Black and Hispanic community is even more disgusting.

    We are a small group of people in Northern Ireland who are fighting against the possible fluoridation of our water. At the moment our politicians are not listening to us. Could you please give us some idea of what impact fluoridation is having on the Black and Hispanic communities and any insights into how to proceed with our challenge in Northern Ireland.

    Would you or any of your colleagues be willing to write to our Health Minister and explain to him just what impact fluoridation is having from your experience of dealing with those effected by it. I know you are very busy but this would greatly help our campaign over here.

    Perhaps you could explain how you went about bringing this legal action, what obstacles and arguements you faced and how you overcame them please, to see if we could do something similar over here.

    Thanks very much for your time.
    Stephen McMurray

    • James Robert Deal

      From James: The fight against adding toxic waste drugs containing lead, arsenic, and hydrogen fluoride to our drinking water is a world wide fight. It is not a communist conspiracy; it is a chemical company conspiracy – to turn toxic waste which would cost a lot of money to dispose of into a dental elixer. See for the full story of how this fraud got started.

  2. Audrey Adams

    I wish I could vote for you, Mr. Deal, but while I grew up in beautiful Snohomish County, I now live in King County. Rarely have I ever had the opportunity to vote for such a strong environmental advocate, as you obviously are—and NEVER for county executive! You have done what no other politician in our state, that I’m aware of, has had the courage to do—that is, to vocally and knowledgeably speak out against adding the toxic waste product fluorosilicic acid (inaccurately called “fluoride”) to public drinking water. I sincerely hope that Snohomish County voters recognize the gem of a leader that they could have in you. You have so much to offer and so many refreshing beliefs and ideas! Snohomish County is thirsty for an impeccably honest county executive and you would fill that need perfectly. I wish you the best of luck in your campaign!

  3. Kay Jackson

    Thank you for running. Many people don’t seem to realize what is happening to us because of the simple lack of “REAL” food and “CLEAN” water. I believe that most illness is caused by not having these.
    We will be voting for you, good luck!

  4. Catherine Roper

    Mr. Deal,

    Thank you for running for County Exec. The Democratic Party Platform includes most of your points, however, I see and hear very little action and discussion on these areas. Senator Maralyn Chase is an exceptional exception.

    Food Inc., was widely viewed… so some of us know Food is Medicine (or can be toxic..) Have you seen Against the Grain ? re Monsanto….

    I schedule speakers in a number of situations and will contact you later …


  5. Mahmoud Mansour

    Sure I will Vote for you , You are the best


  6. Carol White

    All of James Deal’s ideas are for making our lives better, and from his past actions I know he will fight to

    remove the harmful toxins that we have been exposed to.

    James Deal is an honest, knowledgeable, informed man who will be an excellent County Executive!

    So… for the BEST DEAL, vote for JAMES DEAL.


  7. kristen

    I appreciate your stand against flouridated water.

  8. Dick McManus

    Dick McManus for Snohomish County Charter Review Commission District Two

    Snohomish County Progressives/Liberals Uncensored website
    Dick McManus News and Views That Corporate Media Tries Hard to Hide

    Prosecute Bush for war crimes

    Impeach Antonin Scalia for Supporting Torture
    my online book SOME UNKNOWN HISTORY OF THE U.S. – a work in progress
    You should skip the CIA Table of Organization that I put at the beginning of each chapter to find the written history. Learn about the crimes of the CIA and US war crimes, Department of Justice- cover-up of drug trafficking, etc
    by Dick McManus
    Chief Warrant Officer-3/counterintelligence special agent, and combat paramedic, Vietnam, US Army retired, BS in psychology and nursing –
    Everett, WA

    9/11 Truth Seattle
    Pilots for 9/11 Truth

    Demanding a new Congressional investigation of 9/11

    Democrats Demanding a new Congressional investigation of 9/11

    The End of Cheap Oil!/groups/461146587275445/

    Running on Empty Caucus of United States Democrats

    Changing the norm to help stop global warming

  9. Dick McManus

    Third political parties have no chance of winning elections

    Green Democratic Party of the USA

    I want a plan “B” in case technology does not come to our rescue. As it stand now we are just hoping technology will come to our rescue. There are no sustainable energy sources that will rescue us at our current population levels . Global warming will only be mitigated with extremely stringent emissions policies that reduce our consumption rates.

    We will not continue to see the same energy use per person or services provided to each person by increasing the use of sustainable energy methods and improved efficiency in the use of energy.

    If is false to assume by reducing consumption and by constructing sustainable energy infrastructure and then everything will level out and avoid the collapse of industrial civilization.

    Americans have a right to want zero population growth and this cannot happen due to our national immigration policy.

    2. Ethical population reduction must be a part of any plan to rationally deal with peak oil (the end of cheap oil, natural gas, and coal), global climate change, species decline or extinction, and natural resources depletion.

    3. We must change our ethical standard and agree that the most ethical behavior is to adopt a child and it is a bit less ethical to only have one child or twins. We must help educate women in the world.

    4. Global climate change will only be mitigated with extremely stringent emissions policies that reduce our consumption rates.
    But now 86% of the world’s population lives in countries where the demands made on nature – the nation’s “ecological footprint” – outstrip what that country’s resources can cope with.

    The Global Footprint Network, which calculates earth overshoot day, said it would currently take 1.5 Earths to produce the renewable natural resources needed to support human requirements.

    Climate Change and Population are related.
    The Aspen Institute has estimated that voluntary family planning for all who want it could provide 8 to 15 percent of needed carbon reductions. David Wheeler and Dan Hammer at the Center for Global Development argue that putting climate dollars into family planning programs (to make up for expected shortfalls) compares favorably to many investments in low-carbon technologies.
    In developing countries, more than 220 million women want to avoid pregnancy but are not using modern contraceptives. In developed countries, removing barriers to top-tier, long-acting contraceptives like IUDs and implants dramatically changes the rate of unintended pregnancy.
    In 2014, the vast majority (87 percent) of scientists said that human activity is driving global warming, and yet only half the American public ascribed to that view. And 77 percent of scientists said climate change is a very serious problem. In comparison, only 33 percent of the general public said it was a very serious problem in a 2013 poll.

    Here are some good videos
    Right now in the United States it takes ten calories of oil – seven of them imported – to grow and get to table one calorie of food.

    The End of Cheap Oil!/groups/461146587275445/

    Running on Empty Caucus of United States Democrats

    A new study finds more than 80 percent of the world’s known coal reserves, and about half of gas reserves, must remain unburned in order to avoid the most catastrophic impacts of climate change.

    abrupt global warming

    Science of Climate Change – Water Climate and Society: Challenges in a Rapidly Changing World
    Climate change videos
    part 2/2 human cause of global warming

    methane bomb

    Changing the norm to help stop global warming

  10. Dick McManus

    Weeding out the psycho-talking the candidates for public office and our US military

    We need to be asking all our candidates and elected officials what they don’t believe in to weed out the psycho-talkers. I do not believe the following these things.

    Do they believe people have actually seen an alien being or space ship/UFO from out-space; notwithstanding that people have seen strange things/lights in the sky that are unexplained.

    Do you believe the AFT officers wanted to kill children at WACO.

    Do they believe some intelligence beings (aliens) from another solar system planted a seed into an Earth animals that evolved in humans (jump starting human evolution), that some our advanced technology was copied from alien space craft that crashed, that the US government has recovered parts of an alien out-space craft, or aliens brought to earth technology that that uses pyramids and/or obelisks to make energy, and do they believe that some intelligence beings are watching humans on Earth and waiting for us to grow more civilized or whatever. And they are communicating with us in code via crop circles.

    Do they believe we will never run out of CHEAP oil.

    Do they believe that Nikola Tesla invented unlimited, free energy and the energy producing, companies are keeping it a secret.

    Do they believe that people can bend spoons with their minds, they can somehow predict what will happen in the future, communicate with dead people, and read other people’s thoughts.

    Do they believe in ghosts, human vanpires, and/or demons. That on a clear night a full moon can makes people loony.

    Do they believe that the US did not really landed a man on the moon, that the holocaust of the Jews did not happened, and that our national income tax is unconstitutional.

    Do they believe that global warming is a myth or is not man-made.

    Do they believe that low levels of fluoride used to prevent tooth decay in our drinking water, is poisoning our citizens.

    Do they believe WACO was a deliberately plan by the FBI to kill children.

    Weirdest Fundamentalist Christian beliefs:
    Do they believe:
    1) Same-sex marriage is an elaborate scheme concocted by lesbians to entrap men.
    2) Gay men wear special rings for the sole purpose of giving innocent straights HIV.
    3) The abortion-mad Chinese eat human fetuses.
    4) Crazed liberals in Illinois want to teach 5-year-olds how to have sex.
    5) Charles Darwin took it all back the day he died.
    6) They are trying to lure your children into Satanism with Harry Potter books.
    9) Birth control pill turns your uterus into a grave littered with teeny-weeny corpses of fully formed babies.
    10) Do they believe babies born with birth defects are God’s “special punishment” for women who have had abortions.
    11) Do they believe that every bad thing that happens is because in the recent decades, God removed his hedge of protection from the United States, in order to punish us for “turning our back on God.” Or removed her hedge of protection…

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